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Father Jovan Plamenac: Europride is a celebration of Orthodox Serbs


Therefore, Belgrade is scheduled to host "Europride", the most significant and largest European manifestation of LGBTitd ideology, which is expected to be attended by 12-18 of its devotees from Serbia and abroad from September 15 to 20.000.

This ideology arose in recent times, after, in the eighties of the last century, homosexuality, which was treated as a disease in medicine, was magically, administratively, translated into a commitment. In a very short time, with the shield of so-called "human rights" in front of it, as a kind of violence of the minority against the majority, it was imposed on the good part of the Christian world. Her devotees are not only LGBTitd people but also those who support them for the benefits they gain in this way, from material to political.

LGBTitd ideology is part, perhaps the most impressive, of the neo-pagan Western globalist value system of life, contrary to the Christian one.

Neopaganism threatens Christianity much more dangerously than paganism threatened it at the time of the early Church. There are two main reasons for this: (1) Christianity was much healthier then than today and (2) the pagans forced Christians to renounce Christ by torturing them with physical pain, and the new pagans do not touch the body of the Christians but enslave their souls in an extremely perfidious way without they don't even notice it.

"Europride" in Belgrade is a manifestation of the power of Western globalism over the Serbian people, who, in the vast majority, live with their spiritual and cultural being in the Christian value system of life.

LGBTitd ideology, so to speak, until yesterday a disease and now a sudden determination, like a metastasized cancer, has taken over Serbian political life, mainstream media, legislation, education, social institutions, culture, entered kindergartens, and has been diagnosed in the Church. And it's not enough for her. Like an insatiable dragon, he wants more, he wants to completely crush the Serbian people, to rub them like a pike. That is exactly what the "Europride" in Belgrade is about, smearing the Serbian people as scumbags.

The Serbian people irresponsibly, even unreasonably, allowed themselves to become seriously ill, infected with the virus of Western globalist ideology, without moving a finger to cure it at the beginning of the disease. This disease was brought into the Serbian people, and then developed, by the brokering of specialized non-governmental organizations, by leaving the media scene, but also the political one, to the globalists, by allowing the Western power centers, which are the promoters of that ideology, to abuse the principles of democracy and decisively influence the formation of the local government and its politics. The more the disease progresses, the more difficult it is to treat. Now the Serbian people are dying. Literally! Not only does it die out biologically, rapidly disappearing in a vortex of much greater mortality than birth, but it also dies out spiritually. Even if he survives biologically and dies spiritually - he will not be.

Throughout the entire history of the Serbian race, ever since it was Christianized, its immune system has been the Church. In the centuries-old struggle to be or not to be, to survive or to perish, with the new beliefs imposed by the occupiers, many of its "white blood cells" were damaged in the body. Let's remember Patriarch Gavrilo of Pec, who was hanged by the Turks in Brus, Bishop Teodor Vršački, who was skinned alive by the Turks in the same year when they burned the relics of Saint Sava, or Patriarch Varnava Rosić, who was poisoned by Western globalists on the eve of World War II. Let's remember the Serbian martyrs for Christ of this time, Bishop Platon of Banja Luka, Sava of Gornjokarlovački, Dositej of Zagreb, the constellation of priests and Orthodox baptized people, let's also remember the multitude of Serbs who were not inscribed in the Diptych of Saints and who laid down their lives in defense of the "Honorable Cross and freedom of gold ", from "Kosovo until these days", for whom every year on Vidovdan, priests of the Serbian Orthodox Church serve a memorial service. They were able to save their earthly lives by denying Christ.

"Europride" in Belgrade is the Sodom and Gomorrah of this time, the most brutal new pagan attack on the Lord Jesus Christ. But it is also an opportunity for every Orthodox Serb to measure himself in his faith, whether he wears Christ only on his lips or in his heart, whether he is with Christ at all or builds himself up as His opponent. It is the "Golden Calf" that they present to the Serbian people as a gift.

"Europride" in Belgrade is a ritual burying of the Serbian race in an already excavated crab. Before this event, the Serb has two options: to surrender to his evildoer and be buried alive, or to resist.

It is not only the actors of "Europride" in Belgrade who renounce Christ, nor only those who organize it and do not go behind the scenes, nor only those in the state apparatus and the media who provide it with logistics, but also all those who bury their heads in the sand before it, who none of that matters. Institutions are called upon to determine themselves clearly, without twists and turns, according to this fateful event for the Serbian people, from the State to the Church. And no one can hide behind the institution. Everyone stands for himself before God, so either he will be ashamed of Him and renounce Him, or he will be faithful to Him.

The neopagan god is money. Many joined him, even in the Church, thus cutting themselves off from Christ. "Europride" in Belgrade is a clearly defined referendum: are we with God or with mammon. We know that one cannot serve both God and mammon.

There is no political, state or any other interest so important that they would deny Christ. By renouncing Christ, we are renouncing the joy of communion with Him in eternal life.
The higher someone is in a position both in the State and in the Church, the greater the responsibility for the people and therefore the greater the personal responsibility to be publicly determined according to "Europride" in Belgrade.

The silence on the worship of "Europride" in Belgrade, or its cover-up, is a thunderous "Crucify him, crucify him" in front of Pilate's courtroom.

Having renounced Christ by agreeing to the holding of "Europride" in Belgrade, by word or silence, how can we take the name of John the Baptist, the Forerunner of Christ and His relative, in our mouths, according to the testimony of Christ himself, "the greatest born of a woman", who did not feel the iniquity of the then President Herod, whose affection he enjoyed, which was far, far less than "Europride" in Belgrade, and he died with his head on a harlot's plate; how can we take into our mouths the name of the Serbian prince Lazar and his determination for the Kingdom of Heaven when he was faced with far less suffering of the Serbian people in Turkish slavery than today's suffering in the spiritual slavery of Western neo-pagan ideology; How can we take the names of Christ's soldiers into our mouths: St. Basil of Ostrog, St. Peter of Cetinje, St. Nicholas of Žički and Ohrid, St. Justin of Ćelijski, Patriarch Pavle, Metropolitan Amfilohi... Will that not be hypocrisy worthy of the greatest contempt, even the contempt of the Lord Jesus Christ himself .

"Europride" in Belgrade is not only about the Orthodox Serbs, but also about the other inhabitants of Serbia for whom family, morals, ethics, traditional spirituality and culture are the guides through life, but also about other people in the region with a similar worldview.

Written in the monastery of Ostrog,
August 13, 2022