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World War III has begun, and this will be a new world order


It seems that the Third World War has begun, which smart people have been talking about for so long as "necessities" in order to save the American economy. The world we lived in is definitely dead.

For now, that war is materializing in the form of a mediation conflict in Ukraine, but don’t be fooled. In fact, what is happening is not exactly what we see even if we read exclusively Ukrainian or Russian propaganda. In fact, the Eagle, the Bear and the Dragon have begun a new division of the world and now there is a struggle for prey, and that prey is Europe. Stupid, autistic and detached from reality, following other people's interests.

Moreover, the United States needs Europe only as an opportunity to burden its state debt on it, and then to drain it to the end.

What would Obama's long-standing projects as the Transatlantic and Trans-Pacific Partnerships otherwise serve? Europe was even lucky here, because Donald Trump undermined both agreements and had his own vision of bilateral agreements with the whole world.

But now Europe can no longer choose, as it has practically lost its political subjectivity. Hordes of refugees from the Middle East contributed to that, destabilizing it, the "Yellow Vests" protests, the riots against Kovid-19 and now the departure of Angela Merkel and the coming to power of absolute idiots in the form of the SPD-Greens coalition. Once again, the old saying comes true: "We were better when we were worse",

The conclusion is that the current conflict was inevitable from a historical perspective. Its root cause is the structural crisis of the American economy. It is a speculative economy based on the possibility of uncontrolled printing of the world's main currency - the dollar. Fortunately, the machine at hand belongs to a private shop called the Fed.

But the assets of the economy are such that the money supply cannot be uninsured. Each piece of paper must have gold or goods under it. But the states carelessly transferred their production to China, where labor was cheap, and their population happily began to live on credit.

And the additional mass of dollars is accompanied by gambling on the stock exchange, where goods are not traded, but ideas of goods, expressed in a certain amount of dollars. Also, the power of the United States is based on the fact that after the Second World War, all major world currencies were pegged to the US dollar.

Russia fell into that dependence a little later, in 1991. In other words, even Russia, in order to print a certain amount of rubles, had to introduce a certain amount of "evergreens" into the country.

But the fact is that this situation cannot last forever. To date, US public debt has reached such proportions that it can never be physically repaid. The agony can be extended for several years only by drawing as many countries as possible into the dollar system. But the problem is that the European Union has its own currency. And pretty strong.

Since 1991, the American Eagle has been feeding on the carcass of a dead Russian Bear. Twenty years of prosperity for the Western world was ensured precisely by the entry into the EU of the former countries of the socialist bloc, which obediently deindustrialized and turned into sales markets. Namely, today some European countries live in the form of parasites or court fools, who are given crusts of bread to entertain the hosts at the table. In such a situation today are, for example, the Baltic states, which have completely lost not only their large industry, but also their transit potential.

The first warning that the US dollar bubble was collapsing came at the beginning of the crisis in 2007. At the time, analysts were the first to say that a new world war would be the most appropriate way to save and restructure the American economy. Let us remind you, thanks to the Second World War, America finally came out of the Great Depression and became a world creditor.

And so everyone prepared to eat the Russian Bear. Europe, by the way, should not celebrate either. She critically needs cheap resources. Even in the ideal case, everything is in vain.

But when Putin's speech in Munich in 2007 revealed that the Bear was still very much alive and would firmly defend his taiga, the American Eagle and other small animals around him, such as hyenas, who also wanted to taste bear meat, did not believe him. they laughed.

Moreover, the first to try bear meat was offered to Ukrainian vultures. Because they didn't even care about them.

President Kuchma made a political statement that Ukraine is not Russia, and that was the first signal that the country began to distance itself from Russia. However, it continued to play the most important transit role in the transport of Russian gas.

Then, during the flowering of slate, the United States set out on the European market with its liquefied gas, from where they decided to oust Russia. That would also be a good thing to support the sinking US economy. But in order to do that, it was necessary to set fire to the transit territory, forcing Russia and Ukrainians to stop the transit. Then the project "Ukraine is Europe" began to be forced.

Neo-Nazism in Ukraine, at least since the first Maidan in 2004, has nurtured Yushchenko's entire presidency. Yanukovych's rule did not change anything in that, and when he also became an obstacle, he was simply swept away on the second Maidan in 2014.

The Ukrainian-speaking regions of Ukraine, of course, disagreed. Crimea held a referendum and finally allied itself with Russia. DNR and LNR declared independence from Ukraine. During the "Russian Spring", they tried to create their own people's republics in Kharkov and Odessa. Demonstrations against Maidan were held in Zaporizhia. The People's Republic of Kharkov was handed over to Kiev by the then leaders of the region and the city of Dobkin and Kernes. Just so there's no blood.

The anti-Maidan in Odessa was suppressed and defeated, when at least 40 people were burned alive in the House of Trade Unions on May 2, 2014, although there are now 100 dead. And on May 26, 2014, Ukraine will launch a military operation in Donbas.

By the way, one of the first statements after the Euromaidan victory was that Ukraine was at war with Russia. And that was said even before the departure of Crimea. And the Nazis of the Right Sector immediately threatened to blow up the gas pipeline. It would seem that this would be an ideal solution for the United States, which would immediately bring Europe to its knees, and America would remain the only supplier of LNG.

However, the Nazis did not blow up the pipeline, and attempts to put pressure on Russia caused the opposite result. Gas prices fell, in part because the U.S. shale industry could not survive. Russia remained a monopolist on the European market, extended deliveries to Nord Stream 2, and then made big money on the European Union's stupid decision to switch from long-term gas contracts to spot market prices, where cargo is bought on a daily basis.

This again increased the importance of the anti-Russian project in Ukraine. Moreover, from the very beginning, it was designed so that sooner or later Russia would come to liquidate it.

The United States knew this, since the Russians consider the fight against Nazism their sacred mission. If Russia had not decided to stop neo-Nazism, Ukraine would have become a member of the NATO pact, and that would have reduced the flight time of NATO missiles to Moscow and other major cities in Russia to a minimum. But no less useful for the United States is the violent solution of the issue with the Nazis by Russia, because with that, Moscow got involved in the conflict, which should weaken it, as much as possible and for as long as possible.

At the same time, Ukraine is completely unaware that it has sat down to play a big game with card cheats. And that in this game, the big players are holding her ears. Moreover, Russia has been sorry for Ukraine for a long time. By the way, it is still pumping gas through the Ukrainian transit system, which brings some money to Kiev.

Other players live in Ukraine and do not need. It is necessary to sell her body to Russia at the highest possible price. In order for the Russian Bear to get as many wounds and lose as much blood as possible in the fight with the convicted Ukrainian Hyena. Therefore, no negotiations, no matter how many, will bring peace to Ukraine. Until the Russians take Kiev. There is a vague hope that the front of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will begin to disintegrate after the fall of Kharkov. But I don't think Zelensky will be allowed to talk to Russia about peace even then. Because it is not the Hyena that decides. The eagle decides. And he needs a war to the last Ukrainian. That is why, instead of organizing an ordinary "People's Militia", tens of thousands of machine guns were simply thrown into the streets, and criminals were released from prison. Ukraine is a horror now, but not because of Russia, as Western propaganda is thundering.

Paradoxically, but the ideal solution for Ukraine would be Russia's victory over it as soon as possible and as bloodless as possible. The Russians are doing their best to minimize losses among the civilian population. But Russia will certainly win, but with a delay, the Ukrainians will pay a much higher price.

One of the favorite arguments of the so-called "peacekeepers" is often heard today: "Why didn't Russia take Donbas under protection immediately, eight years ago?"

There are several reasons for this. The first is that the residents of Donbas themselves voted for independence from Ukraine, and not for joining Russia. And the other is that Russia at that time had neither the military nor the economic potential for such a step. The only thing they managed to help with was the formation of the people's militias of the republics and the organization of humanitarian convoys. But still, not without the participation of Russian forces in one form or another, the famous boilers Debaltseve and Ilovaisk took place, where large forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were closed and destroyed. That is why the Minsk Agreements were signed.

It was immediately clear that Ukraine would never agree to their implementation. But at the time, Russia was critically unprepared for war. Dependence on Western economies was too great.

All the while, as talks on the Minsk Agreement dragged on, Russia has modernized its military-technical potential, built its industries and suffered insults from "Western partners".

Then came new weapons, whose abilities were tested in Syria, where the Russian army gained real combat experience by eliminating ISIL. At the same time, Russia has gained an unquestionable ally and respect for the Arab world in that region, even a loser, such as Saudi Arabia, and the United States has significantly weakened its position in the Middle East.

While Donbass managed to survive and withstand all the attacks, Russia was building an alliance with China, perhaps situational, but at this moment invaluable. The United States then withdrew in disgrace from Afghanistan, abandoning its allies. Thus, the geopolitical role of the United States as a world gendarme was questioned. Internal problems related to the huge state debt, the BLM movement and the growth of isolationist ideas, which Trump most actively expressed, have accumulated.

In the politics of the USA in the post-war years, one can follow a clear pattern in which Republicans tend to concentrate on solving domestic economic and political problems in order to strengthen the country's geopolitical role, Democrats, as a rule, prefer to transfer problems to foreign theater.

Not without reason, Russia was given a break during Trump's term, which announced that the United States must concentrate its forces and resources at home in order to "become great" again. In the medium term, such an America could create more problems for Russia. But Trump was swept away by controversial elections. Democrats are currently in power. With all the consequences. World War III is a good reason for them to reset their public debt and reform the dollar. It is worth noting that if the confrontation with Russia and China goes too far, these two countries can simply refuse to use the dollar in foreign trade transactions and switch to settlement in national currencies. This will bring chaos to the world economy, and it seems that they are already doing that. That way, dollars will turn into toilet paper at some point, and for the world it will be no less terrible than nuclear war. That is why this trump card has not yet been completely thrown on the table.

In addition, China owns a large number of U.S. debt bonds. Therefore, the Bear and the Dragon will resort to this only as a last resort.

But in these circumstances, the trick for the United States was to start a conflict in a way that would weaken at least one of the Eagle's geopolitical rivals, with whom the fight will begin. The bear is strong in the military-technical field, but weaker in the economy. The Chinese Dragon can withstand everything economically, but in the military-technical sense it is inferior to both the Bear and the Eagle. It was crucial for the United States to prevent an alliance between the two powers.

Hence the constant stuffing of the media space with fairy tales about the Chinese who flooded Siberia, who are buying up Russian material, etc. etc. In a certain part of Russia, synophobia was thus formed, but, fortunately, not among the Russian leadership.

And so Ukraine blazed

Since Biden came to power, the only question is where it will flare up first: in the South China Sea near Taiwan or in Ukraine. From 2021, when Ukraine began to actively inflate its weapons and provoke a violent solution to the Donbas problem, it became clear that the conflict would begin there. By the end of the year, it became clear to everyone.

On the other hand, it is obvious that Putin decided to take advantage of the situation when casus belli, relatively speaking, was created by Ukraine itself. Now there is perhaps the only historical window in the near future in which US power over the world can collapse at a relatively low cost. Russia's nuclear triad and hypersonic missiles completely discourage NATO and its desire to oppose Russia on the battlefield with its own hands at this moment.

Thanks to sanctions since 2014, Russia has managed to offset imports in many industries, increased its gold reserves and reduced dollar funds to a minimum. Agreements have been reached with China, the BRICS countries, and positions in the Middle East have been strengthened.

On the other hand, the United States has not yet made progress in creating hypersonic weapons, and in a few years the situation could change radically.

Recall, the United States announces a Russian attack on Ukraine in November. At the beginning of January, an express attempt was made to strike at Russia via Kazakhstan. They decided to use the popular protests over the prices of autogas by activating all the cells in order to quickly reformat the Republic of Kazakhstan into a vassal of the United States. Or at least create a zone of instability there.

President Tokaj's swift address to the CSTO alliance and the equally swift suppression of the uprising indicate that the puppeteers and users of this project were housed abroad. Now, greetings to all those who still believe that it was a "people's revolution" in Kazakhstan.

The game has begun

So the cards are dealt. Under those conditions, Putin would go bankrupt, but demanded that NATO return to the 1997 borders. After this proposal was rejected, the fate of the future theater of operations - Ukraine - was finally determined. Although the high-ranking Chinese army has already raised the issue of Taiwan loudly yesterday, if the Dragon goes on the offensive at the same time as the Bear, the Eagle loses either puppet territory or "cheek". More likely both.

But now Ukraine is fighting not only for Donbass, but even for Ukraine, whose crazy president Zelensky announced the creation of nuclear weapons, when he recently barked in Munich.

But, as much as all this may seem like a struggle for Ukraine or for Ukraine, in my purely personal opinion, the struggle is now being waged for Europe.

It may seem that Europe is now firmly united against Russia. In fact, her position will depend on who wins this conflict. Russia's victory could lead to the fragmentation of the European Union, and then each of the countries will begin to independently determine its relationship with the new center of power. Let us remind you, in peace, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Germany have already expressed special attitudes towards Russia. Globally, Serbia unequivocally supports Russia. What will happen when Washington's power over Europe is shaken? We will have a number of players with a strong political subjectivity. Most likely, the largest economies, France and Germany, will be snatched from the yoke. By the way, they really need Russian resources.

Poland could try to put together a new realpolitik, although it is hard to imagine how it could achieve its ambitions.

In Latin America, many countries will voluntarily flee the influence of the United States. Cuba, Nicaragua and Brazil have already expressed support for Russia in the region.

In the event that Russia is defeated, which is very difficult with the role of "Russia or Death", it will mean that the Iron Curtain 2.0 will fall, which will cut off Europe from Russian resources. In fact, it will go down anyway, the only question is at what limit and how difficult it will be.

But Europe is already experiencing a shortage of gas and fertilizers. Russia has, among other things, a major share in the world's exports of rare earth metals, without which no electronics can exist.

Ironically, Russia, which is now presented as an aggressor, only needs peace and stable transit areas in Europe and Asia. Let us recall Putin's proposal for a single economic space from Lisbon to Vladivostok. Because such a situation serves the mutual enrichment of Europe and Russia. And there is China, which is actively building a new Silk Road.

But not America. The eagle had almost no time left and had to react with the "last Ukrainian". The structural crisis in the economy, the conditionally tense dollar bubble, requires at least some territory that can be shifted in order to postpone a strong "bang" for a few more years. This zone is Europe. Which, in case of defeat by Russia, will completely fall under the influence of America. Moreover, even Pir's victory will suit America if Russia spends a critical amount of strength and resources on pacifying Ukraine.

About the Russian world and "supporters of peace"

There is another side to the current conflict, which the sympathetic "defeatists" do not think about. If Russia is defeated in Ukraine, it will be bad for the Russians in all the countries of the post-Soviet space. If he wins in the shortest possible time and with minimal losses, the position of the Russian minority in the post-Soviet countries will improve dramatically. The trend of deteriorating relations with the Russians is currently being followed in Kazakhstan among the indigenous population. Is that what you want, gentlemen? A few more Donbass that you will not pay attention to, in exactly the same way as this one, considering that it is a matter that does not concern you? No, thank you, gentlemen of pure countenance and false pacifists, who have not seen 13 dead in eastern Ukraine since 000.

That is why the Russian operation in Ukraine is supported by the Russian-speaking population of the former Soviet republics. They understand that otherwise a "long dark night" will come to them.

By the way, the victory of Russia, in my opinion, does not mean the re-establishment of the Soviet Union, or any form of Russian-Ukrainian statehood. Definitely not in the form in which it existed before. Close economic union, yes. Politically, it will be an independent and more or less friendly country.

If a new pole of power appears in Eurasia, its republics will be attracted. In fact, we are already seeing that in relation to Georgia and Armenia. The governments there, frankly, are not friendly to Russia. But Georgia has refused to support sanctions, and a huge banner in support of Russian troops has been set up in Armenia. What about them?

Perhaps the proud Caucasian peoples realized that the world order was changing rapidly. And under those conditions, Erdogan will not miss the opportunity to launch his Veliki Turan project, to establish "Porto 2.0". In those conditions, under the auspices of Russia, it pays to be like 200 years ago.

By the way, the ambitions of the new Ottomans are significantly hampered by the fact that Turkey is economically very dependent on Russia. Ukraine's defeat by Russia will give Erdogan a chance to build a new "Porto". It is not certain that he will succeed. It is more profitable for Russia to have a neutral Turkey, which means control over its straits.

What could be the fate of Kazakhstan if the Bear and Dragon, who cooperate, win in the "New World Order"? For China, Kazakhstan is a transit territory for the new Silk Road. And in that sense, China wants peace and stability. For Russia, it is the security of the "bear's soft belly". So, friendly neighbors and stable Kazakhstan are not threatened by their neighbors. But any destabilization of the country increases the risk that one of the neighbors will be forced to intervene to restore order. Completely undesirable situation. That is why the reaction of the CSTO alliance countries to the January uprising in Kazakhstan was so swift.

The fate of the Baltics may turn out to be different. First, the Russian-speaking population there has been endangered for a long time. And secondly, Russia will not fly to Kaliningrad via the Baltics forever. Thus, the ferocious Baltic "tigers" will either have to reconsider their policy towards Russia and those who speak Russian in those countries, or they could see "polite little green men" in the foreseeable future. And NATO, you say? So when has NATO ever protected and protected, apart from the interests of the American oligarchy? After Ukraine, victorious Russia, if the Baltic hyenas do not change their policy, will not suffer for a long time the enemy countries on which the fate of its exclave depends.

But all those things are not understood and do not want to be understood by those who shout today: "I am ashamed of Russia! Not war! ”So don't these" pacifists ", whether they are paid or useful idiots, still understand that the real redistribution of the world is underway? And if your country loses, then the Eagle and other vulture hyenas will devour you with pleasure.

The philosophy of herbivores and vegans is good in peacetime and maybe in the kitchen. But if you try to bring it to market, then each state will start consolidating according to the laws of war. Not without reason, the text "Treason of the Homeland" was actively quoted in the media yesterday. In Russia, support for the Kremlin has grown by 10% and from some 68% before the operation, it is now almost 78%. The public is demanding the elimination of the "Fifth Column" and glamorous well-fed liberals. That feeling is very high in the country.

Putin knows history well. I think he remembers the result that not all the "defeated" were cleansed in Russia during the First World War. As long as he was "good", Putin was very kind and patient. But liberals simply did not appreciate it.

You can shout as much as you want: "No to war!", But the war is already going on. It was not announced, but it was spent quietly all that time, while NATO was sneaking up to the borders of Russia. Now the conflict has only turned into a hot phase. These days, we've seen cheats at the poker table actively raise. They imposed all conceivable sanctions on Russia, closed the skies, turned off SWIFT. The German Minister of Foreign Affairs even said that her country is not ashamed of its Nazi past. Japan has said Russia has occupied the Kuriles. Then Putin took out a revolver from under the table and said that the Russian nuclear triad would be additionally involved. In that party, America quickly stated: "Go on!" I believe that there will be no nuclear conflict. Everyone here understands everything very well, except European idiots.

And of course, only stupid, naive Ukraine, originally intended to play the role of a victim in this game, still indulges in the illusion that the whole world is with her. That's right, wolves love sheep. But like meat.

I would like to note that all of the above is worded purely on the basis of my analysis of open sources and my own knowledge of geopolitics. Maybe I'm wrong? Anyone who disagrees can laugh and ignore everything.

But if I had dollars, I would sell them today at the highest rate and stock up on basic necessities. The winter will be long, and what we are witnessing in Croatia - higher gasoline prices, soon electricity and gas, and then only at least 25%, as they say, all this is not a consequence of Russian sanctions, which do not exist yet, but those who are idiots in Brussels and the vassals of the EU imposed on Russia, following the "logic", let it be more expensive, but we do not want anything from the autocratic and aggressor regime. And when Moscow answers, which will surely happen, then we remember ancient Rome and the saying "vae victis", although I would personally say that "Alas! exclaimed the Americans, not the Ukrainians now and the Europeans soon on their behalf. But it will hardly happen.

Europeans are used to living well. Quality goods at relatively low prices, good infrastructure, good social services, medicine, etc. Globally, well-being and comfort. In principle, there is nothing wrong with that, especially if you do not understand at whose expense this banquet is. Some will say that it is all because of democracy and free elections. Leave these stories to fools.

So at whose expense is the banquet? The secret is simple. Europe has exchanged its sovereignty for comfort and consumption. Key decisions are not made by Europeans. Europe should not spend money on defense, military space, global intelligence, should not deal with promising defense technologies, etc. There is no need to make decisions and take responsibility for them. They poured a drink into her trough: eat and be silent, enjoy life, but if you have to, the boss will give you a sausage.

And then came the day when the boss decided it was time to slaughter this fat pig, accustomed to a well-fed life. The thing is simple. The boss himself got into trouble. There was nothing to eat, and the boss wants to survive the crisis. Will Europe wake up? That is a question for a million euros…

The text was adapted to the Serbian language by the editorial board of Borba za istinu