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CNN lost 90 percent of viewership - what will happen to the rest of the media empire of lies


CHRIS Licht, the new head of CNN (CNN) - the most famous American, if not the world's, television company, the truth-teller of the Democrats there - came to the US Congress with a tearful offer to the Republicans: come and speak in front of our cameras.

What is the miracle in this?

The real miracle is in something else. Licht is trying to save CNN with it.

His TV channel lost 90 percent of its audience at the beginning of the year. Yes, it is not even a miracle, but the surest sign of the end of the world. Or at least the end of democracy in the US and among its allies.

Some 40 years ago, CNN was an elusive model of television journalism. The idea of ​​continuously broadcasting news in real time and around the world seemed great. State leaders first got their information from CNN, and only then from official reports.

The war in Iraq (the first was in 1991) was broadcast live, as were many other wars.

And now - the complete fall of the gods.

A minus of 90 percent was recorded in the first week of January, and this is a comparison with the same week of the previous year. At the time, CNN had 5,4 million viewers. Now the average number of people watching that American TV channel at any given time is 640.000 people.

At the same time, CNN's advertising revenue also declined. For the first time in a long time, its annual advertising revenue is below one billion dollars.

Convulsions and spasms also started.

A little truth about the columns of those fleeing from the Kiev authorities on

the liberated territories of Kherson and Zaporozhye regions

CNN merged with WarnerMedia. There was an idea to open his own streaming service.

That idea fell through, so the management was changed and Chris Licht was brought in.

He finally said the main words: it's time to be honest and objective. That's why he went to Capitol Hill to recruit Republicans. He realized that CNN had to change.

And, some changes have already followed.

One of them is a short TV show about how caravans of cars leave for the liberated territories of Ukraine every day. Ostensibly for work, but these people bring things, children and relatives with them. And there are almost no caravans in the reverse direction because they don't actually exist.

Well, that's one of CNN's new stories. And just yesterday it seemed that this global "empire of lies" was impenetrable.

She demonstrated this on the example of the Ukrainian operation. The marketed reality was exactly 180 degrees from the truth.

CNN claimed that Ukraine is heroically resisting the invaders who are destroying the civilian population and is going from victory to victory.

Who invented it and where - in Kiev or Washington - is a difficult question, but CNN and many other of its American and European media did not deviate from the myth at first.

It was not an isolated case, but a system.

In some mysterious way, all the news turned into round-the-clock brainwashing. And globally.

The wall really seemed impenetrable. And because he was defended by censorship (it massively stifled alternative views, especially foreign broadcasters like Russia Today).

So what would never be heard on CNN (dissenting opinion) is as if it never existed.

What happened to this non-stop industry of imposing "correct attitudes"?

Why did the most hardened and main heavyweight of the "empire of lies" reach for objectivity?

Is this an isolated case (result of bad management at one TV channel) or something more?

Of course, there are explanations, even too many of them, and they are given with vengeful fury by the Republicans - those "wrong Americans" against whom CNN declared war a long time ago.

It turned out that the TV channel was trying too hard in that war. So now they tell him: "Who would have thought that self-righteous and dark anchors, who spew lies, hatred, violence and propaganda, would sell like seeds?" Or like this: "CNN's only chance to survive is to rebuild its reputation with the audience, which is very difficult to do if the audience no longer watches the TV channel".

CNN poured in destroying the Republican opponents and dragging the Democrats led by Joe Biden to power. That offended the Republicans, and the Democrats were disappointed in the Bidens, so they also left...

Total censorship on key info-resources, including social networks, was supposed to allow democratic ``paramedics'' to do whatever they want with people, basically - to demoralize and destroy entire societies, locking them in "covid concentration camps".

However, people didn't like that and they stopped watching CNN, along with everything else.

Of course, it's just one swallow that doesn't guarantee spring. But she has already flown.

The rest of the "Empire of Lies" does not necessarily have to (ex)lose the audience. After all, in Europe, unlike the US, the empire seems quite stable so far.

But CNN is too well-known a symbol of totalitarian mass media for its faltering to go unnoticed...