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Five reasons why Novak was imprisoned - From Rio Tinto to "finger in the eye"


Novak Djokovic is still counting his days in custody at the Park Hotel, and at midnight he will find out if he will actually be able to enter Australia and compete in the first Grand Slam of the season (January 17-30).

The best tennis player in the world finished on the front pages of all media in the world. Not because of what he does on the field (although that is undoubtedly a reason to be on the front pages), but because of the scandal he experienced after landing in Melbourne.

A Serb is forbidden to enter the country, and the information about why this is so changes from hour to hour. First, the official information was that he had applied for the wrong visa, not one that included an exemption. Then it turned out that at least three tennis players with this type of visa and medical exemption entered the country.

Then, allegedly, Novak did not offer enough evidence to confirm the exemption (although he received the blessing of the state of Victoria and Tennis Australia), so only one doctor signed this medical report. All this is still in the fog, but the real reasons for the ban are obvious.

Political game - struggle for power

Scott Morrison, the Prime Minister of Australia, had a historic minimum of voter support. He needed something to effectively and quickly show that he was still the "Sheriff of Melbourne", and then his gift fell from the sky (or rather landed).

He saw an opportunity to collect points from his companions by pressing Novak, and he did it great. Suddenly, he managed to silence the proverbially chatty Craig Tayley, the director of the Australian Open, who spoke only four days after Novak found himself imprisoned with two guards in front of the door and a whole series of bugs in the room. He is treated like a real migrant.

"It is a question of the government of the state of Victoria. They gave him permission to come to Australia, and we will act in accordance with that decision. That's how it works, the federal states give their approval on that basis, and there have been no changes for two years. "The Victorian government made that decision, and they are responsible for the work they did," Morrison said, noting that there is still general confusion in Australia.


Not only did Morrison gain political supporters and silence his direct rivals for power in the moments when the elections are approaching, but he also managed to become a favorite of the people.

He suddenly became someone who consistently enforces strict laws, so no one unvaccinated can enter the country (although that is not true).

Fans rebelled through social media when it became clear that Novak had taken off, and then Morrison's quick reaction followed. They threatened Novak that they would send him home on the first plane, before the trial was scheduled.

At a time when people are protesting because they had to get vaccinated in order to work in a cafe, gas station or any other job in Australia, an unvaccinated tennis player from a distant country suddenly came. In time, as a political fox, Morrison understood what to do and opened the front with Novak.

Rio Tinto

One of the two headquarters of Rio Tinta is located in Melbourne. The Anglo-Australian company caused a real ecological revolution in Serbia because the people were trying to prevent excavations in the Jadra Valley.

The aforementioned Morrison was often portrayed as the "guardian angel" of Rio Tinto, and he even said publicly that this company should not be taxed. As Novak publicly supported the environmental fight, that was another reason for such harassment.

The company against which a "war" is being waged in Serbia, which spilled over into protests in the streets, is the same company whose interests Morrison defended.

Five years ago, when there was a proposal to tax a ton of iron ore extracted by BHP Biliton and Rio Tinto, Morrison rebelled.

He claimed that it was a bad idea, while Brandon Grills, the leader of the Nationalists, advocated that tax in order to increase the profit on behalf of the tax by about one billion and five hundred million dollars.

"I don't think raising taxes is something that helps the economy, especially the weak one. "I do not want to enter the policy of Western Australia on this issue, except to say that if you ask me whether raising taxes in a sector that had a difficult period is a good idea - that is not the answer," Morrison claimed at the time.

Five years later, the people in Serbia rose to their feet to save the Jadra Valley from the extraction and production of lithium, having in mind the consequences Rio Tinto had on the environment wherever it mined.

Due to that, the roads in Serbia were blocked, and then Novak Djokovic also advocated for healthy and clean air, water and the environment.

Before all that, Rio Tinto paid 25 cents per ton of ore, and that fee has not changed since the XNUMXs.

In addition, Morrison's very close associate John Kunkel was an advisor to Rio Tinto and head of the department for relations with the Government, and he spent two years there.

Since 2018, he has come as the Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister of Australia, while his qualification is a doctorate in economics. In addition, Kunkel has a master's thesis in the field of political science.

He was therefore one of the main political strategists in Scott Morrison's cabinet, while Australians are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with his policies.

That is why there are more and more comments that Djokovic is just collateral damage and a "scapegoat" of the political struggle in which the chance to compete in the Australian Open and defend the title is increasingly uncertain.

Mixing politics in sports

While UEFA and FIFA have been campaigning for years not to interfere in football politics, with tennis it is a completely opposite situation.

It is as if politicians can hardly wait to convict an individual, and that these decisions, as in this case, can directly affect the tennis order. If Novak does not play in Melbourne, Rafael Nadal, Danil Medvedev and Alexander Zverev will be big favorites to win the title.

This is exactly what the statement of Jala Pulford, the Minister of Sports in the Government of Victoria, testifies to.

She openly said on the news "that she hopes Nadal will win the trophy".

The Victorian government asked the federal government to send that request in writing, and in the end, it was decided in Victoria not to grant a visa, so Djokovic may not be able to defend the title at the Australian Open.

That is how the words of the Australian Minister Jala Pulford were confirmed.

A finger in the eye

And while everyone was worried about whether Novak would announce whether he was vaccinated or not, he decided to publicly brag before the trip to Melbourne. He said he was traveling with medical exemption.

"Happy New Year to all! I wish you a lot of health, love, joy and happiness. To see, breathe and think love and to cultivate respect for every person and living being on this beautiful planet. ❤️🙏🏼

I enjoyed being with my family and dear people, I took a break from the very long and successful 2021 season. Now I am moving to Australia because I got an exemption and I am ready to live and breathe tennis for the next couple of weeks of competition. Thank you all for your support! Let's go '22 ″, Novak wrote.

This is one of the things that led to the change of winds in Australia, because this was understood as a "finger in the eye" of politicians. Soon, the entire administrative machinery of Australia, with politicians at the head of the column, collapsed on Novak.