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BRUKA They stole 600 million euros from the budget and then edited to hide the insult to Vučić VIDEO


"Arena Sport" television openly serves Aleksandar Vučić and the SNS cartel, but through the people

During the match between Partizan and Larnaca, the stands shouted "Vučić the fag" for a long time, however, this could not be heard in the broadcast of "Arena Sport" television, which received more than 600 million euros from Vučić just for broadcasting the Premier League.

Namely, the match was broadcast both on RTS and on the "Arena Sport" channel, but it is interesting that no derogatory chants could be heard on the program of Telekom's television.

The shouts from the stands could only be heard for a second before the sound was abruptly silenced.

This can best be seen on the parlelen footage from the transmission of one and the other television, so it is clear that someone deliberately turned down the sound from the stadium. In the first part of the video, what cannot be heard on "Arena Sport" can be heard in the RTS broadcast.

In order not to accidentally have a similar situation in the continuation of the match, the previously recorded sound of Grobar's cheering from one of the earlier matches was played all the time, so for example, at the moment when AEK tied the game at 1:1 on "Arena Sport" television. could be heard the sound of the fans' song "Give a goal" which no one heard in the stadium itself.

"Arena Sport" television is owned by "Telekom", a state-owned company financed from the budget of the Republic of Serbia and thus paid for by the citizens.


This is the same television that paid the fabulous rights to broadcast the "Premier League" like no other television in the world! Germany paid less than 30 million euros for the same service, and how much is the German market compared to ours.

The state-owned company Telekom Srbija bought the rights for the television broadcast of the English Premier League on the "Arena Sport" channel for 100 million euros per season, over the next six years, which is almost ten times more than "Sport Klub" paid for those rights before.

This means that 600 million euros of Serbian citizens were spent in order for "Sports Club" to win a race in which it had no chance.

In the broadcast of the match between Partizan and AEK, you could see why. Any expression of resistance to the current regime and supreme leader must be cut at the root.

The citizens of Serbia must not hear that there is any kind of rebellion in order to maintain the illusion of a "beloved president".

By buying the rights to all possible sports events through Telekom, the government has the idea to take over the growing number of cable television users and thus prevent any flow of information that is not approved by the top government.

Because if a benign thing like chanting insults to President Aleksandar Vučić must be suppressed, then this is a clear indication that Serbia is an example of the biggest dictatorship in the world, not North Korea as the West spins.

In addition, paid fans who have a thick criminal record beat the Undertaker in the eastern stand that insulted Vučić, and at the end of the match harassed the players, stripped them and cursed them.

The real (unpaid by the regime) fans of Partizan have been apostrophizing the star player Vučić for years as the main culprit for the decline of the black and whites, as well as that he deliberately invited Milorad Vučelić to destroy the club, and chants against him have intensified since last season.

But, never a single shout against Vučić, the destroyer of the state and Partizan, came from the southern stand, which is "held" by paid fans (like Veljko Belivuk until his arrest), which confirms the thesis that it is an army of private thugs that protects the regime even during protests, and they are connected with criminal activities at the behest of the regime, as described by Veljko Belivuk in his testimony before the prosecutor.