Brothers and sisters; Dear friends! 

All of you who have Serbia in mind, care and love for its survival in their hearts, join us, on the site,, which was created with the goal of ennobling both ours and the lives of future generations of Serbs! Join us wherever you are, at home or in the diaspora. It doesn't matter what nationality you are. It is only important that you share a great love for Serbia with us. 

Some of you can help us with your pen, others with information, others with knowledge and ability to better interpret incoming news, fourth with ideas and suggestions to be more authoritative and precise in presenting news, judgments and assessments, fifth to contribute to our voice and rights truth further and louder hear… 

This is not a personal project of several individuals for their personal benefit and promotion, but the true and uncensored voice of an ordinary Serb, proud to belong to the Serbian family, as well as a Serbian who is proud to be a citizen of Serbia. is the voice of all of us, ordinary people, who want to solve their problems, and are not part of other people's problems, who love their people and the state, and are not ashamed of what they are and who they are in front of others. We are here to be the voice of all those who do not want to be part of short-term projects and alliances, who respect Serbian traditional values ​​and traditional allies, and are determined and brave to resist everyone who wants to occupy Serbia and reduce it to a colony and the people to impersonal henchmen. foreign states and corporations. 

With the hope that there will be more of us in this just and noble fight, join us and contact us on the site

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