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Prof. Kalajžić: Vučić also included the "opposition" in the disintegration of Serbia, and prison awaits them all


Speeches by Aleksandar Vučić 12.08.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX. on "TV Prva". But he didn't tell us when he had knowledge that someone was destroying our country, he didn't tell us who the perpetrators were, he didn't tell us what specific actions the state was taking, he didn't tell us what counter-measures and investigative actions will be taken against the perpetrator/s and he did not tell us why he watched the "disintegration" of the state for an extended period of time and did not take any action to prevent it, and what was the threshold that was decisive to suddenly turn him from a mute ten-year-old observer of the "disintegration of the state" into a person who "can no longer submit".

The Criminal Code of the Republic of Serbia is extremely precise in terms of everything stated above. If he did not take the legal exams, as he "took" the colloquiums in Sports Pedagogy, the "best law student", and probably the "best" lawyer in the universe and everything visible and invisible since the Big Bang, he should have learned the following:

  1. CCS, Article 331, failure to report the preparation of a criminal offense, shall be punished by imprisonment for up to three years;

2. CCS, Article 332, failure to report a criminal offense and the perpetrator, shall be punished by imprisonment for up to 8 years.

Article 15 of the Criminal Code provides that a criminal offense may be committed by inaction, that is, by failing to take a specific action to prevent the commission of a criminal offense.

So, Aleksandar Vučić publicly informed us that for an unknown period of time, most likely ten years, he has been watching the state fall apart (KZS 305 to 321) and is not taking any action, but merely stating that he "cannot bear it" anymore. Considering the functions, the way in which he performed them and which he continues to perform unconstitutionally and illegally, Aleksandar Vučić bears the highest moral, psychological and physical responsibility for what he independently identified and publicly pronounced - the ongoing disintegration of the Republic of Serbia.

For ten years, Aleksandar Vučić held all the threads of the dissolution of the Republic of Serbia in his hands. He negotiates with the Šciptar war criminals and terrorists and their direct sponsors on the modalities of endangering the territorial integrity (KZS 307) and together with them attacks the Constitutional arrangement (KZS 308) of the Republic of Serbia. He advocates the creation of the ZSO according to the "laws of Kosovo" and "in accordance with the Regulation of the Government of Kosovo", and "its legal capacity (ZSO) is in accordance with the laws of Kosovo". Aleksandar Vučić ignores the formal-legal fact that the ZSO was already formed in accordance with the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Serbia (!!), Vidovdan 2008 and that this fact was published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia, no. 114/2008. Aleksandar Vučić called on the citizens of the Republic of Serbia to come out and vote in the "elections" of the self-proclaimed terrorist territory, which some call the "Republic of Kosovo", which earned him up to 15 years in prison (above mentioned KZS 307 and 308).

In these serious criminal acts, he was assisted and assisted by the so-called The "Government of the Republic of Serbia", i.e. everyone from the "Government", as well as the members and representatives of the SNS and the "ruling coalition", who joined the treasonous and state-destroying call, and accordingly can be attributed to them calling for association for the sake of unconstitutional activity ( CCS 319), as well as preparing an act against the Constitutional Order and Security of Serbia (CCS 320).

The main destroyer of the Republic of Serbia is Aleksandar Vučić. All the above-mentioned criminal acts that he has committed and continues to commit for a ten-year extended period are being prosecuted ex officio, so the Republic Public Prosecutor's Office and the Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime should have reacted a long time ago. Of course, the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Serbia. It is scandalous and shameful that no one from the judiciary, the legal profession and the so-called "opposition" noticed this barrage of the most serious crimes committed and committed by Aleksandar Vučić, to the detriment of the state and all its citizens.

Special responsibility and the mark of history will be borne by the one who first ran to accuse Aleksandar Vučić of all his misdeeds, including those related to the "stolen 619 million" and the events "at a minute to 9, the corner of Patriarch Varnava and Braničevska", on Andrić's "cannabet", as at the Washington courthouse, he expresses his loyalty and humility, and to the general disgust and contempt of the disgraced and normal Serbia.

Aleksandar Vučić managed to involve not only positional, but also opposition accomplices in his attack and the attack of our enemies on the state of Serbia, thereby trying to take his sole responsibility for the "disintegration" of the state off himself and delegate it to all of us. Citizens of Serbian nationality in AP KiM understand the treacherous game, and the rest of the citizens of Serbia are yet to face catharsis, while Aleksandar Vučić and all his helpers face many years of imprisonment in a liberated Serbia.