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Shocking testimony of a mother: SNS erects a monument to the killers of her sons


The "Monument to the Innocent Victims" was erected at the initiative of the Novi Sad Board of the Union of Vojvodina Hungarians, which was approved by the City Administration for Urban Planning, and is dedicated to those who died after the liberation of Novi Sad in the Second World War in 1944 and 1945.

The Mayor of Novi Sad, Miloš Vučević, on the erection of a monument to the so-called "innocent victims of 1944-45". year" declared that "he no longer wants to deal with what happened in the past and that we should turn to the future and building bridges".

Photo: Ecological Movement of Novi Sad

If he is telling the truth, why exactly did Vučević and the progressive government make the shameful decision to erect the monument without initially establishing the full truth about all the "victims"?

The idea of ​​erecting a monument in itself is not disputed, the list of the Commission for Secret Graves, which was formed by the Ministry of Justice in 2009, is disputed and represents a prototype of poor work, incomplete data and a large number of errors. In the next three years of work until 2012, more than 1.300 "victims of national liberation" were listed.

Novi Sad is the only city in Europe at that time where a genocidal crime took place and its inhabitants were shot, killed in brutal ways while the corpses were pushed under the ice.

If there was retaliation by the communist authorities after the liberation, it must be signed with the names and surnames of many executed Serbs killed for ideological reasons. They are also innocent victims, if the "innocent victims" already include the proven, convicted war criminals, instigators, organizers and executors of the Novi Sad raid.

The name of Janos Tot, who admitted at the trial that he killed a dozen people during the war and was a direct participant in the brutal execution of the five Jovandić brothers, and who will be included in the list of "innocent" victims, is shameful proof that historical facts are being traded for the sake of the government and implemented its revision. Such an act always costs a lot and will not contribute to anything good - on the contrary, only the complete truth can lead to mutual reconciliation.

In this way, Miloš Vučević, the city government, i.e. the progressives, erect a monument to the Horti people who participated in the massacre of the Jovandic brothers.

Photo: AFP
And the complete truth is that Jelka Jovandić lost 5 sons under the age of 30 in the Novi Sad raid, and the youngest was a minor. Her testimony before the Inquiry Commission at the Commission for Determining the Crimes of the Occupiers and Their Helpers in Vojvodina read:

- On the third day of the raid, Friday, January 23, 1942, I was in our apartment with my five sons: Milorad, 28 years old, Savo, 26 years old, Paja, 24 years old, Živko, 20 years old, and Bora, 15 years old, in our apartment, because it was forbidden to leave the house and apartment. The gate was locked as ordered. At 7 o'clock in the morning, we saw strong army units leaving for Vašarište, to which my Milorad said "Thank God they are leaving, nothing will happen". After half past eight in the morning, shots were heard from Vašarište and they were coming closer and closer to us in Rumenačka Street. Milorad said "Mom, this is terrible, it seems to me that these people are killing". I told him, "Son, where would you kill when the world is peaceful?" The shots were getting closer and closer. There was especially heavy shooting at the corner of our side near Kolarevi-Mašiny, across the street from the garage.

Then they pounded hard on our gate and then on the window. My son Milorad was the first to go out to open the door, and my other sons also looked to see what was going on, except for Bora who was lying in bed, and Živko was sleeping in the barn. The gendarmes immediately chased my sons into the room, saying in Hungarian "Sobaba, sobaba". One of the gendarmes was tall, he asked "But what religion are you?". My son Sava answered, "Sir, we are of the Orthodox faith." At that, the gendarme shouted "Bideš Vadrac /Smelly Wild Rac" and asked how many of us there were. My son Bora said that there are four of them here, and brother Živko is in the barn. At that, this gendarme chased my sons out of the room. I followed them, and the gendarme hit me under the left breast with his butt, so that I was all blue. Despite the blow, I grabbed the lock to go out with my sons.

However, one soldier caught the lock from the outside, pulling the door to himself, so that I could not get out, and I pushed the door, so that I could follow my sons out. The soldier was stronger than me, and he didn't let me go out into the yard. He kept yelling "Nem sabad" /It's not allowed/. At that, I hear my sons shouting "Mom, don't give us away". I was banging on the window and the door to get out, but I couldn't. I then heard several shots. I didn't hear my children's voice anymore. I got sick and collapsed on the chair. Then I heard the soldiers and gendarmes leaving the house, and then through the gate, which they closed behind them.

In a terrible state, I slowly and timidly went out into the yard. I shouted "Children, where are you?" On the left side of the neighbor's house, next to the wall, I see five corpses of my five sons. They were lying next to each other in a row. I saw the blood and brains of my children on the wall of the neighbor's house from my yard. There were pools of blood under my children's heads. All were shot in the back of the head. My children lay in the yard of my house until the evening. I went out several times on the street to ask for help, and in the yard to mourn the children, but the guards-soldiers who entered the house kept forcing me into the room, saying that I shouldn't even cry. Around 11:XNUMX am, the police came to see what happened to my sons, and they said to me, "Grandmother, are these all your sons, we are not your fault."

After that, soldiers kept entering the house. They opened cupboards, drawers, ransacked the house, searched for money and valuables, they took 140 peng from me, after they pointed two revolvers at my neck, asking "Vam penz",/Do you have money/. In the end, I had to tell them where the money was, so they took 140 pengs, but gave me back 10 pengs because I told them not to take all my money, because I don't have any other money. They gave me back 10 peng for this. The soldier pointed his rifle at me and asked "Who left you alive". I answered him that the gendarme did not want to kill me, even if I shouted to them to kill me too when they killed my five sons.

Towards evening, a truck stopped in front of my house. I wanted to go out, and when I saw that my sons were being dragged through the snow, holding them by the legs, like some kind of car, I didn't have the strength to go out, I ran to the window towards the street and saw how my sons' corpses were being thrown into a truck like a log. The truck left and took away the corpses of my five sons. The gate to the yard was wide open, I locked it. There were bloody tracks in the snow in the yard as they dragged the corpses of my five sons.

I picked up my sons' brains, I buried them. I also found bones from the skull, which I saved and today I have them in a box, because it is the only memento of my five sons. I agree that you photograph the bones of my sons, but I cannot separate from them, because it is my sanctuary. I heard that my children were also thrown into the Danube, like all the innocent victims killed then.

I do not know who killed my sons, because the gendarmes and soldiers are completely unknown to me. I cannot say whether someone tipped us off or brought soldiers and gendarmes to kill my sons, because we lived well with everyone, and we had no personal enemies.

My son Sava was in German slavery as b. the Yugoslav soldier came from slavery on December 8, 1941, and died after five weeks.

I have nothing more to say. I have read and understood this record and am signing it.

Novi Sad, December 11, 1944 - the hearing of Jelena Jovandić, the mother of the five brutally murdered Jovandić brothers, ended.

The Hungarian fascists exterminated entire families, and their descendants, who are gone, will never walk the new bridges that the progressives led by Miloš Vučević are talking about.

By erecting the monument, the victims of the Novi Sad raid will be shot and brutally killed again and for the second time, while painful wounds are poked and opened again, and they never healed.

Will any of the progressives remember to visit the monument in the shape of a mournful willow, which represents mother Jelena Jelka Jovandić?

Vrba is located on the site of the family's former home, behind the current multi-storey garage, in the yard of Bulevar oslobodenja 28, while the 5 apple trees that symbolized the sons of Milorad (28), Sava (26), Paja (24), Živko (20) and Boro (15) ) were cut down long ago.

There used to be a smaller memorial plaque here, but it disappeared over the following decades. The story from January 1942 is one of the saddest, and it is shameful how much the leaders of Novi Sad care about the Jovandići memorial.

On the other hand, surely there are innocent people who were shot on the unreliable list, however, we must separate their names from the criminals and put the whole situation in a historical context.

However, unverified facts and placing the names of the Horti people in the list of victims, relativizing crimes and rehabilitating people who destroyed entire families will not contribute to reconciliation.

Then it is clear that the scandalous decision also criminalizes the People's Liberation Army, which freed Novi Sad and Yugoslavia from fascism - while the progressives are doing all this because of the slights and petty concessions of the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, whom they love if they do not make any agreement and accelerate towards E U.

However, SNS can boast of its great friendship with Orban and good relations with its neighbors only when the recognition of the fake state of Kosovo is withdrawn - and before that the complete truth is established.

They will not establish it, but if the Serbs in Croatia erected a monument to Andrija Artuković or any Ustasha, they would be the first to attack them. All of the above is simply shameful and abnormal, although it is happening in a progressive country, and this is exactly what SNS members are doing in Novi Sad, in the summer of 2022.

According to announcements, the controversial monument should be unveiled at the beginning of November, at the corner of 1.300 Kaplar and Ivo Andrić streets, in the Novi Sad neighborhood of Liman 4.