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Father Đogo: Those who killed us in 1999 are now occupying us with rainbow colors


Homosexuality has not been a criminal offense for a long time. For every priest, he is a parish challenge, a problem that people bear, a weight on confession. Someone is fighting him. Someone gives up, but does not give up on the Church. Some don't even fight anymore. But that is between people, Christians. This text is not about that.

This is about the ideology of homosexuality. About a sexual practice that has been turned into a project of a dying civilization. The one who is demographically powerless, obsessed with ready-made sexuality, constant change of partners, experiences, experiments. A civilization that is dying, even if the politics were powerful. That civilization died, but its atomic bombs, "Zare", "Hollywood" and "Dua Lipa" did not. Like every "Titanic", she needs to sink with her as many souls as board her ship.

"Euro Pride" is coming. The matter is political, we all know that. It has nothing to do with "who does what in four walls". A civilization of people damaged by pornography and sexual hypertrophy, in which everyone pretends to be "Christians" not because they believe in salvation but because they all have dirty laundry in their conscience, wants to organize a political show that will signal the colonial enslavement of Serbia.

The ambassadors of the countries that beat Serbia in 1999 will now proudly wave rainbow flags in the streets of Belgrade. The message is clear: you offered military resistance, but we beat you with culture. You are no longer sovereign. Your streets are streets for our ideology.

"And why are you dealing with homosexuality?" Isn't that a projection? Some latent urge?" The argument about projection is absolutely meaningless because none of us deals with homosexual practice, nor with the "LGBT+" theory, nor would we deal with it if it were not an ideology - a totalitarian, binary one that divides the world into "our " and "their", "friends" and "enemies" - which surrounds us and imposes itself on us.

To say that anyone who speaks about the problems of the ideology of homosexuality is a "latent homosexual" himself is the same as saying that Hannah Arendt is a "latent totalitarian" just because she dealt with the ideologies of political totalitarianism. An argument with which a rhetorical retort is fierce, but without argumentation, is not worth much. And it speaks more about the weakness of the one who uses it.

"But that's politics." With that "Euro-pride" we pay for not imposing sanctions on Russia". Again: politics has come from the measure of organizing our polis (that is, the Serbian countries of which Belgrade is the center, no matter what state of separation we are temporarily in) to the most ancient craft. More precisely: it is the most elite of all prostitution. In a world where "elite prostitution" exists. Or in which everyone is a prostitute, and the only competition is to make it "elite".

"He saw all kinds of things in Belgrade. That's what you provincials are just getting annoyed with," an acquaintance from Belgrade tells me. His father also came from our homeland. But he, like so many of my silent friends, has a sense of "Beeeoooograd". A malleable agglomerate of everyone and everything, ideas and people, with a certain postmodern identity: that identity is always changing, adapting, accepting everything that is broadcast from the megalopolis theater, but everyone who is initiated into Belgrade citizenship loves their initiation and the changeability of their identity more than the city itself .

Yes, for those of us who sometimes stop by Belgrade, it is the center of the people and of Serbia (not SR Serbia, whose coat of arms finally received a cross between the eyes, but Serbia "from the Danube to the blue sea"). For me, Belgrade is what it can never be. And that's why I'm not indifferent, it cost me anything.

After all, if the political benefit of "Euro-pride" is unequivocal and obvious, then it should not be limited to seven days in September, but "Serbia is Europe-in-extinction-pride" should be organized every day, so that the "benefit" of the message that we were just a colony of a former civilization was being sent more strongly every day.

Of course, since the procession of people in their underwear through Knez Mihailova would be in conflict with the provisions of the legislation which still assumes that public morality and order and peace still exist (except when it is politically inappropriate), it would be quite practical for Serbia to abolish the provisions that they assume the existence of public morality and the concept of acceptable and unacceptable public behavior.

If we are a colony, and if our colonial status is the only thing that is "possible" and even "politically profitable", then let it be well written and known. If we pretend to be the Republic of Dubrovnik with Euro-pride and point out the flag of each occupier, not having its own identity, civilizational code, Tradition and politics, if we include in the same basket the vowed determination not to fail to show gratitude to St. Nicholas the Martyr and the entire Russian people for what they have carried through the ages and our cross and signaling loyalty to those who showered us with radioactive elements, killed in children's hospitals - then "Euro-Pride" is not only a measure of our "political skill" but of our existence today.

There are such nations, willing to accept any occupier, ready to wave any flag, enthusiastic to embrace any ideology, beyond the Serbs. In fact: everyone else has long accepted that kind of "wisdom" as their essence.
Bishop Atanasije used to say that he would bomb the Serbs until they became Slovenians. I have nothing against Slovenians (Gorazd Kocijančič is solid). But: have we become Slovenians?