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How and how much the banks rip us off: Big price list


Using the services of banks is impossible to avoid, and their users often do not pay attention to all the costs that are charged to them. Account maintenance, balance enquiries, cash withdrawals and other costs add up without you even noticing. brings you the price list of the most frequently used banking services.

As confirmed by the Agency for Business Registers, during the previous year, banks in Serbia earned 55,7 billion dinars from various fees and commissions.

A large number of citizens almost do not pay attention to the daily costs of banking services, but they "in the crowd" can represent a large cost on a monthly basis.

However, due to the increase in the price of services in certain banks, as well as the announcement that other banks will also change their price lists in the coming period, the National Bank of Serbia has adopted a package of measures with certain restrictions for banks, in order to "permanently protect the standards of citizens in terms of payment services that are needed for everyday life activities".

What did the NBS decide?

As stated in the announcement, the NBS adopted the Decision on a payment account with basic services, which "permanently protects the standard of citizens in terms of payment services that are needed for everyday life activities".

With the aforementioned measure, the prescribed price of the payment account package with basic services was limited to 150 dinars and its guaranteed content was specified.

For those 150 dinars, if you decide on the mentioned package, you will have the opportunity to get a dinar current account in the bank, withdraw cash for free at the counter and ATMs of your bank, get a free debit card, mobile and electronic banking that allows an unlimited number of transactions via QR code at points of sale.

At those banks that charge for orders through electronic or mobile banking, you will get a discount of 30 percent compared to the lowest price of that order paid by users of other, more expensive, packages.

The NBS decision allows you to upgrade this package with an additional service such as a credit card, foreign currency account, overdraft or check issuance, without having to switch to a more expensive package. The amount for this is limited, so, according to the NBS announcement, it pays off more for citizens than switching to a new, more expensive package.

For example, if a bank client opts for this account with basic services, and then realizes that not only a debit card is enough for him, but also wants a credit card, he will not pay the full amount of the package, which in the bank is, for example, 300 dinars. Namely, the client will pay either the amount that, in this case, the users of that package pay for the use of the credit card they want, and if they don't actually pay for the card additionally, then the user of the basic account who wants to upgrade it cannot cost more than 75 dinars , that is, 50 percent of the difference between the prices of the two packages, which means that he will continue to pay 225 dinars per month.

All banks in Serbia have accepted the invitation of the NBS not to increase the prices of payment services in the next year, starting from the first of September. Also, all banks that have increased the prices of their services since the beginning of the year will charge 30 percent less, but not below the amount of those fees before the last increase.

In this way, according to the NBS, the prices of basic banking services will be returned to the level of December 31, 2020.

This decision includes both electronic and mobile banking. Thus, if during the year your bank introduced a fee for electronic payment that it did not charge before, in the amount of 20 dinars, this fee will now amount to 14 dinars.

If, on the other hand, the bank increased the commission from 15 dinars to 20 dinars during the year, you will pay 15 dinars again, because the price must not be lower than what it was before the last price reduction.
What remains unchanged though?

Account maintenance if you do not choose the basic package

All users over the age of 27, who cannot have a youth account, pay maintenance every month. Depending on the package you have, you will pay for maintenance differently. These prices, according to the new NBS decision, are not valid for the basic package that was adopted, but for all others.

ATM balance inquiry

If you want to check how much money you have in your account at an ATM, it will cost you from 15 to 100 dinars.

Commission for withdrawing money at ATMs of other banks

If there is no ATM of the bank where you are a client near you, sometimes there is no other option than to withdraw money right there.

If you have an account with Erste Bank, the commission for this service is two percent, or a minimum of 1.200 dinars.

Raiffeisen Bank charges a commission of 3,25 percent, or a minimum of 230 dinars, to its users who withdraw cash at other ATMs. However, this bank charges 2,5 percent of the transaction amount, i.e. a minimum of 290 dinars, for withdrawing money from its ATMs.

Depending on the type of card you have, if you are a client of Inteza Bank, when withdrawing cash from ATMs of other banks, you will be charged a commission of two to three percent of the transaction amount, i.e. a minimum of 90 or 150 dinars.

This service is also charged by Poštanska štedionica, and the commission is two percent.

Alarm messages

Alarm messages are automatic messages about changes in the account, i.e. inflow and outflow of money.

So, if you have activated this option, every time someone pays you money, or you pay something with a card, the bank will send you an SMS notification.

Although you may not have thought about it, banks charge for these types of messages.

Erste Bank charges five dinars for this message. At the client's request, messages are charged according to tariffs

On the other hand, Raiffeisen has a different way of charging for this service. Thus, sending SMS notifications for transactions carried out in the country is charged 100 dinars on a monthly basis.

In NLB Komercijalna banka, SMS notifications are charged at 9,6 dinars for users of Yettel and Telekom, 10,68 for users of A1 and 6 dinars for users of Globatel. For all these networks, Inteza charges six dinars each, but this price, unlike NLB Komercijalna banka, does not include VAT.