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Accident in Bulgaria: Two children are transported to neurosurgery


In a serious traffic accident that happened yesterday in Bulgaria, when a bus with children from Serbia overturned, more than 10 people were injured, and two children are in a serious condition and will be transferred to children's neurosurgery "Pirogov" today.

Two injured children will be transported to "Pirogov" children's neurosurgery in the morning. They are currently in the hospital in Stara Zagora, Acting Minister of Health Dr. Asen Medjidiyev told reporters.

"Currently, 14 people are hospitalized - two adults and 12 children." The children are stable, except for the two of them. Operational interventions will be required. Both children will be transported with a special team to 'Pirogov' at 09.00. We have an appointment with a neurosurgeon there. The older ones are currently in good condition. One, whose limb was amputated, is stable," added the Minister of Health, reports

The formation of an emergency aid organization is underway, which will take children and adults who are in good condition to the border, where they will be taken over by the Serbian authorities.

One child (11) received serious injuries to his hip and pelvis. Although according to the first information, the driver suffered injuries that caused his leg to be amputated, it turned out that he was not, and that he was detained, and you can follow the development of the event live below.

By the way, the injured child, who is in serious condition, according to the Acting Minister of Health of Bulgaria, Dr. Asen Medzhidiyev, suffered three pelvic and hip fractures. According to him, another child was placed in the intensive care unit for observation. "The other children are in relatively good condition and are in contact. They are between 9 and 15 years old. "Most of them have post-traumatic wounds," he said.

Some of the children injured in the serious accident have already been discharged. They were taken to a hotel in the city.

There were 38 children, ten adults and one driver in the bus. The children are part of the folklore ensemble JU-LIRA. Most of them are from Batajnica. At the moment when the accident happened, they were returning from the folklore festival that was held on the coast of the Black Sea.

Who is to blame for the accident?

Shortly after the news of the accident was published, the media reported the statement of Nataša Radovanović, who was on the bus, in which she stated that the accident occurred when one of the parents traveling with the children wanted to change seats.

"One of the parents on the bus wanted to sit in the front seat next to the driver." "He turned to open the seat and that's how the steering wheel turned," she said.

Officials of the Bulgarian police did not want to talk about the causes of the accident, stressing that the investigation is ongoing, however, as one of the factors that contributed to the accident or caused it, it is noted that the road was wet.

Other possible causes, such as a technical fault on the vehicle, have also not been ruled out. According to unofficial information, the Bulgarian police breathalyzed the driver on the spot, but the presence of alcohol was not determined.

Other vehicles were not involved in the accident, according to witnesses of the accident, according to whom the bus suddenly turned to the right without making contact with other cars.

"They were breaking windows to get out"

The drivers who happened to be on the road at the moment when the bus went off the road got out of their cars to help the injured. One of them, who was driving behind the bus and saw the bus fall off the road into a ditch, told the Bulgarian media that the passengers broke the windows to get out to safety.

"Some of them broke both the front and back windows to get out," he said.

The scenes on the road were shocking, as evidenced by another driver who approached to help the injured.

"I don't want anyone to see such a sight. Crying children covered in blood," the driver, who introduced himself only as Teodor, told
Eight children in the hospital, the driver seriously injured

All people from the bus, 49 of them in total, received medical help on the spot, and 12 of them were hospitalized.

According to data published last night by the Bulgarian Ministry of Internal Affairs, eight of the 12 people detained in the hospital are children. Two people were seriously injured, including one child and one adult.

The seriously injured adult is a bus driver whose leg was amputated.

There were no deaths on the spot, Serbian Ambassador to Bulgaria Željko Jović said last night.

"The information on whether they are seriously or lightly injured is not relevant until they undergo diagnostic examinations. The most important thing is that there are no deaths, and that all services of Bulgaria are cooperating as much as possible," Jović pointed out for N1.