America has forgotten what year it is in the Balkans: It ignites all crises as if it were 1990.


The chronology of events relentlessly shows that with the change of the American administration, the smoldering conflicts deepened dramatically, and the processes accelerated in some new (old) uncertain direction. The elections in America, after which Donald Trump left the presidency, were held on the first Tuesday in November last year. After Biden's January inauguration, things turn upside down - not just [[]

Prof. Dr. SIMIĆ from the USA: They want to arrest Trump, intrusion into the Congress according to the script…


Our interlocutor revealed the background of the demonstrators' incursion into the Capitol (Congress), and revealed the role of the "Antifa" movement, which is financed by the Soros Foundation in that event. Simic drew a parallel between the events in Washington and the July demonstrations in Belgrade. He also revealed that globalists are planning the arrest of Donald Trump, and you can see what else Prof. Simić said in the video.

Prof. Dr. Simić - the best analysis of the deep state: This will be the epilogue of the elections in the USA


This is what Dr. Viseslav Simic, who is a professor at the largest private university in Mexico City and worked for the US Government in Washington, told "Srbin Info", and gives our readers and viewers a detailed and very clear analysis of the deep state in the United States. but also about the deep state in Serbia. - Situation in […]

NATO, the United States and Russia are on the front pages of the Serbian press to hand over Kosovo


This sad anniversary was an opportunity for the Serbian media to remind us of the March days of 1999, and the central state commemoration of the anniversary was held in Nis, and was widely followed. In the second half of March, it was published in Serbian media through articles, and on television through shows related to the bombing, but the NATO pact and the United States are leading […]

How can the Government of Serbia take at least 150.000 dinars from a pensioner?


Instead of retirees for the market, they retire for the market. This is how the Government of Serbia treats our oldest fellow citizens and their property: it performs its calculation in which it covers its eyes with alleged increases in pensions and new laws, denies pensioners and is again at a profit. Like experienced matchmakers, Prime Minister Brnabić turned the boxes with percentages and again those who during […]



In order for the so-called "blocking law", adopted by the EU in 1996, to prevent the bad impact of new US sanctions on Iran on European companies, it will have to be amended, and a new version of the law adopted in the European Parliament before August 6, when US sanctions should take effect. Recent developments on the line Washington - Brussels confirmed […]

VIKTOR ORBAN NEW LEADER OF EASTERN EUROPE: And he wants Serbia by his side


When Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán gives an important speech, he often deliberately inserts provocative thoughts or slogans into it. For example, after the 2014 re-election, he declared that the "era of political debates" in Hungary was over and announced a "time of action". In the same year, he announced that the transformation of Hungary into a "liberal state based on work" would begin. Last summer, the European Commission [[]

LAZIC: Defense of the Appeal for the Defense of Kosovo and Metohija


The appeal for the defense of Kosovo and Metohija does not mean that traitors will be less traitors, unfortunately it does not guarantee that traitors will not betray - but it shows that this generation of Serbs also lives the Kosovo Covenant.

And what do we do now? Serbia is the majority owner of Kosovo and Metohija


Research and media analysis show that according to cadastral data, the state, the Serbian Orthodox Church and citizens of Serbian nationality have papers that they own about 52 percent of the territory of Kosovo and Metohija. Most of this documentation was transferred to central Serbia in 1999, and a digital cadastral plan was made on the basis of those cadastral books. SERBIA has not only an electronic database of owners [[]

CONSIDER YOURSELF MOBILIZED: America is opening the main front in Serbia for a fight with Russia


After Syria and Ukraine, things are accelerating, and the propaganda war is intensifying, states journalist Slobodan Reljić as the first reaction to the news that the American Agency for International Development (USAID) presented a joint "Media Assistance Program in the Balkans" in Sarajevo, which will focus on online development. media in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and "Kosovo". The program will last for three years and is worth seven million [[]

(NON) NORMALIZATION OF RELATIONS: Serbs will choose - whether they disappear as a people or not


For the first time, from the highest state position, it was announced that the citizens of Serbia should decide on the borders of our country and the fate of Kosovo and Metohija in a referendum. President Aleksandar Vučić has completely exposed things and announced that the issue of state borders will have to be resolved before Serbia joins the European Union. Whatever the referendum question is, it will be fateful for the future of the Serbian nation. […]



Author's text "Murder (of Oliver Ivanovic) could be exactly what Kosovo needs" by University of Washington professor Edward P. He provoked sharp reactions from Joseph, and he later explained that by that he meant a signal to Belgrade to give up the North of Kosovo. During the discussion at the political committee in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Aida Derguti, an MP from "Self-Determination", called Ivanovic a war criminal. "It is clear […]

SHOT TO START: Is there a player who can turn everything around in Montenegro


The President of the Assembly, Ivan Brajović, announcing the presidential elections on Friday, expressed his belief that they would be held in a positive and democratic atmosphere and called on all adult citizens to go to the polls and, as he said, choose the best candidate. However, the general impression is that the opposition in Montenegro is handicapped by several important factors, of which its chronic […] stands out as the initial and elementary one.

LAZANSKI: Domestic, Serbian rats on the muddy wave of Russophobia!


It is not easy for Donald Trump, his administration is in a financial blockade, the Turks do not listen to him and are fighting against the Kurds, women all over America report that the mischievous Donald once pinched them and led them to fornication, which is not a sin for us in the Balkans. the parties find some Russian connections, the impeachment hangs around his neck. In the wave of hysterical Russophobia, they only have to call him […]

APARTHEIDE: What was missed during Dacic's visit to Podgorica


Relations between Serbia and Montenegro have never been worse, at least since the arrival of the South Slavs, says one of the leaders of the Democratic Front, Milan Knezevic, while the president of the Serbian National Council in Montenegro, Momcilo Vuksanovic, points out that Belgrade has "no special knowledge" of the situation. of the Serbian people in Montenegro. During his stay in Podgorica, Dacic met with the state leadership of Montenegro […]



The Ambassador of the United States of America in Pristina, Greg Delavi, sent a "last warning" to three Albanian political leaders in Kosovo not to abolish the Special Court for War Crimes, which was committed in Kosovo and Metohija by the so-called "Kosovo Liberation Army". During the talks with Kosovo politicians, the ambassador, according to the local media, used harsh words, among other things, that he would not [[]