Testimony of Božo Vidačković: The nuns gave us bread with crushed glass…


Testimonies and the living word of the surviving camp inmates were published about the suffering in the camps, pits, churches, on the doorstep. In 2010, "Novosti" tore the work of Diana Budisavljević from oblivion by publishing a feuilleton about this brave woman. But, of all the confessions about the Ustasha terror against Serbs, published in our newspaper, the ones told by the children of the detainees were among […]

Ustashas BREAK BABIES ON THE WALL: Confession of Smilja Tišma who survived 4 camps


- I was, like, six or seven years old. I had a younger brother and two younger sisters. They do not remember the horror. My brother and I remember. "Here was the hook they hung people on," we whispered when we first visited Jasenovac after the war. Our eyes froze in that place. While we are, so, [[]

A PATHOLOGIST revealed the exact number of victims of the Jasenovac camp: Serbs were cooked alive


After publishing the report of his commission in 83, Srboljub Zivanovic (1964) had to flee Yugoslavia because the communist authorities did not like the fact that it was determined that more than 700.000 Serbs were killed in the system of the Jasenovac camp. The famous pathologist has been living in London since 1968, and he came to Belgrade in the previous days to [[]

Marked the Day of Remembrance of Jadovno in the monastery in Slanci


Due to the pandemic and the ban on entering Croatia, a memorial service was held in the monastery of the Holy Archdeacon Stefan in Slanci. The president of the Association of Serbs from the region and MP Miodrag Linta reiterated at the commemoration that it was high time for Serbia to establish a Memorial Center for Serbian Victims of the NDH Genocide, modeled on the "Yad Vashem" Memorial Center in Jerusalem. Linta recalls [[]

28 years have passed since the crimes of Muslim paramilitary formations from Srebrenica…


Among the victims were twelve women who worked in the fields, and among them was the pregnant Ljiljana Ilić. The youngest victim was a girl Zorica Božić, only 12 years old, while the oldest was Blagoje Popović (85), who was tortured and massacred with his wife, after which they were both set on fire. The village was miles […]

Petrovdan proclamation Dveri: For the memory of Serbian victims and the prevention of a new genocide


The Serbian movement Dveri opposes the oblivion of Serbian victims in the 1991-1999 civil wars. years in the former Yugoslavia, all in the name of false political correctness. We are especially opposed to the inadmissible declaration of the Serbian people as genocidal and to the distortion of the truth about historical events such as what happened in Srebrenica in 1995. The only genocide that took place in Srebrenica is [[]

TRUE STORY: I was three years old, an Albanian put a gun to my forehead…


In July 1998, KLA criminals kidnapped my uncle Dusko Djinovic at the entrance to Rahovec, brutally killed him, wrapped him in a bag and buried him with 13 other Serbs in Malisheva not far from Rahovec. I remember and remember that St. George's Day dawn from 1998 that I survived, as well as the memory is deeply etched in me […]

BLOODY BABIES: In 1942, the Ustashas slaughtered 6.000 SERBS on the banks of the Drina!


The bestial abuse and slaughter of Serbian old men and children, the rape of Serbian women and girls took place on March 22, 1942 in the towns of Stari Brod and Milosevici, on the banks of the Drina River, in eastern Bosnia. In this massacre, Pavelic's Ustashas killed about 6.000 unarmed Serbs, exclusively civilians, who were fleeing in front of criminals from the Black Legion and the Muslim […]

MONTENEGRIN GOLGOTH: Tito's cadres brutally killed SOC priests, threw them into pits!


Before the Second World War, there were almost 200 priests in Montenegro. Only 15 intimidated church pastors survived. Metropolitan Joanikije (Lipovac) did not survive either - he was killed after the end of the war, in a stream near Arandjelovac. But we'll talk about that crime later. Let's go in order… One of the first Montenegrin priests to be executed by the communists is Archimandrite [[]

Mitrovdan offensive: On this day, 5.000 Serbian soldiers defeated 40.000…


On this day, 27 years ago, the Mitrovdan offensive began in Nevesinje, when the forces of the Croatian Defense Council and the so-called The armies of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, supported by units of the Army of the Republic of Croatia, as well as various paramilitary formations and mujahedin fighters, attacked Serb positions in Herzegovina. Members of the Nevesinje and Bileća brigades welcomed the enemy force. Offensive [[]

"Shoot, I'm still in class": Professor Miloje Pavlović refused to save him…


Can death be defeated? Is there a way to eternity? Is it possible to live forever? The questions are what the human race has been trying to decipher since it existed. And one man, a man from Šumadija, showed 77 years ago that the answer was "YES". This is Miloje Pavlović, professor and director of the Men's Gymnasium in Kragujevac, who on October 21 [[]

"DON'T WORRY, MOTHER, IF I DON'T CALL": He went from school to Košare…


Vladimir Lozankin went to the reconnaissance and sabotage unit in Nis on June 23, 1998 for regular military service. After a little more than two months, he was transferred to the Kosara watchtower. The day before he was killed on the Albanian border, he told his mother: "Don't worry if I don't report in the coming days." He was born on March 23, 1979. [[]

Gideon Greif: The Croatian Ustashas had their final solution before the German Nazis


Jasenovac must be inscribed in the collective memory of humanity as the scene of the most monstrous crimes against humanity… I am afraid that the figure of 700.000 victims may only be higher than we thought. We present to the readers of "Pečat" an interview with Professor Gideon Greif, a historian specializing in the Holocaust, an expert on Auschwitz and Sonderkommando, a chief historian at the Institute for Education, Documentation and […]

DOCUMENTS FROM THE GREAT WAR: Testimony of the suffering of 3.000 Serbs in Arad


We bled a LOT in all the wars, but to this day we have not been able to collect all our victims by name and number. We also sinned by forgetting about our injured civilians, and only in the Great War in numerous camps in Austria-Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria and Turkey, the Serbian people lost 900.000 women, children, the elderly… We had almost three times more […]

CHILDREN CUT HANDS TOO: Memories of Jandrić from Čitluk near Kozarska Dubica


The men were mostly insurgents, so they were not killed, but the Ustashas therefore showed their anger over women and minor children. . That morning when the Ustashas broke into the house of Mikan Jandrić, his youngest [[]

The truth about the Ustasha crimes on YouTube is forbidden - DELETED interview with Bokan


The topic of the show was - the crimes of the Ustashas against the Serbian people in the 20th century. YouTube first blocked the interview entitled "Dragoslav Bokan: Shocking stories about the suffering of Serbs in Croatia and the film about Ante Gotovina", warning that it will be permanently deleted in the next 7 days, because according to the claims of this social network, the interview spreads hatred ?! […]